Bising Bising Tetangga vol.1

BISING BISING TETANGGA is a concept gig series created by a yet-to-be released jakarta based independent label KOLIBRI REKORDS. The idea is to combine the vibrant atmosphere of a gig with a homy ambience of a house. So let’s make this as good as it sounds, bring your friends and come over to our house!

my band bedchamber is playing at 15:00
the other great line up is gizpel at 16:00, and burma at 17:00

here’s the official poster by Smita Kirana

and here’s one I did for bedchamber’s version

see you!

The 359 Love: a valentine mixtape

So here’s this couple, who find themselves into a typical lovely relationship, with typical problems came afterward. And people say that love is a circular-not-linear journey, which I agreed. But when this couple is about to run the theory, they lost in the last step, leaving the circle at the 359th degree.

I compiled this valentine mixtape last night, should’ve drawn the cover but unfortunately life didn’t allow me to, so I did a quick design instead.

And yes they’re all female-vocalist bands!!!

The 359 Love from rattabill on 8tracks Radio.

Sick of Killing Time!


I’m Sick of Killing Time
*a note to self for next year resolution

2013 is finally over! For me, personally, it was one of the most notable year of my life. It was a year fulfilled with events worth mentioned in my history of living as Ratta Bill Abaggi. It’s a huge step forward, despite all those heartbreaks I don’t wanna mention ha! Hope the joy don’t stop here, hope I’m stepping over a stair not a platform, 2014 will be even better and we all know that!

Let’s stop and stay with me for a moment, while I’m reminiscing to proof you my words. Well maybe it’s not that fascinating, but come on, it’s my blog after all!

1. Me and my sister finally teamed up and founded Bear House Magazine. (Jan)

2. I launched an online mixtape exhibition titled Love and Play (Feb)

3. Commissioned by the local biggest high school competition to design stuff (May - Dec)

4. Judging for a graffiti/mural competition in one high school competition in town (May)

5. Did a live painting show in one high school event in town (June)

6. A trip, oops, an art trip to Jogja (July)

7. Held an exhibition which I also became my first exhibition called Lunch Time (September) BEST MOMENT OF THE YEAR!!!

8. For after 4 years, I finally be in a band again (November)

I think that was the nomination, there’re still pretty much left unlisted but I think that was enough to represent my year. However, there still a lot of time wasted anywhere, I could’ve done so much better than this. Therefore I made this artwork to tell myself so, stop killing time. Here I also want to mention My Bloody Valentine’s MBV and Pandai Besi’s Daur, Baur for being my favorite album this year. Well, reminiscing like this kinda take pain in the ass, but… I’m delighted after all, I’m happy. So thanks everyone who being a part of it, 2014 here we come!


especially for you who are Binus students, starting Wed 28th, we’ll make the campus a little bit fragranced for a week.

myself will paint for live on Wednesday (Oct 30), please be there! (be there at the other days too, there are great names to be seen painting lively)


1. teaser of my artwork


2. and how I did the poster design


of course you knew it, see ya!

A Very Delightful Food Fight
acrylic on canvas80 x 60 cm
Lunch fight adalah sebuah tradisi yang identik kekanak-kanakan, lunch time, dan mubazir, pastinya. Biar bagaimanapun pemahaman publik tentang lunch fight sebagai ‘canda’, saya personal tidak mampu menyimpulkan bahwa tradisi ini dapat dibenarkan. Mungkin berlebihan, namun ini bodoh, toh kita saja sudah dilarang untuk memainkan makanan, apalagi untuk dilempar-lempar ke orang lain.
Maka dalam lukisan ini saya mencoba membawakan konsep lunch fight kepada golongan dan situasi yang sekiranya tidak mungkin melakukan hal tersebut, katakanlah, golongan bermartabat. Dengan begitu lukisan ini kurang lebih adalah sebuah metaphor sarkasme atas moral mereka yang katakanlah, bermartabat, namun seringkali bertindak kekanak-kanakan.
*displayed on Lunch Time! exhibition

Lunch Time is Over!


"It’s happen for real" said my eyes when people are coming on the opening night, filling the guest book, viewing the artworks, chatting, tasting the snacks and taking photos. I could resist my lips from smiling but my eyes couldn’t, seeing all of these imageries are just… beautiful.

One night before, we were working hard placing piece by piece and organize everything, it was so much fun though

Along the 40 songs mixtape from Fraw was running, people are starting to showed up. We opened the exhibition at 8, it was one hour later than what we’ve promised but we did it intentionally though. I opened the show, a little story telling, continued with Daffa Andika explanation about the concept. And then the door was open and Hamatra started to play.

More than 150 people are in for the opening, my expectation… blowed up! (I remembered betting with Abi Chalabi two hours before the show about the crowd, he bet 60 and I bet 80, until then the reality fucked us). I can see the joy in everyone’s (artists) eyes, this was our night.

This was way too emotional! I’m a bit heartbroken when I know it’s over, and one by one was leaving for college and daily life, holiday is over, Lunch Time is over. But let’s just deal with it, and I need to say THANKS, HUGE FUCKING THANKS! Let’s name some, Daffa; Gani; Nyon; Fraw; Smita; Tities; Abi; Brotz; Devi; Asty; Deni; Ula; Andrita; Jiwa; Gisel and Maitri. You guys were done being a very well happy-ing lunch mate. I’m happy, I really do. And thank you to everyone who helped us make this happened, from media partners to visitors!


See you again! And this is a will!

read our review here:
via: Bugig  |  Kvlt

During the holiday, me and some of my friends are organizing a collective art exhibition called Lunch Time! Yes, this past two months we’re working on this. This is my first (real) exhibition also, to be honest, and this is also the first exhibition I’m organizing, so it’s kinda funny, I’m making myself a first exhibition, but it’s not ironic, okay.
And now the time is about to come, these are 15 artists who are friends as well:Andrita Yuniza OrbandiAsty RamadhaniDeni Iqbal TerunaDiedra CavinaDimas HardiyantoFrawGaberGisela MariaMaitri AnjaniMuhammad ChalabiNadya Jiwa SaraswatiNastiti DewantiRatta Bill AbaggiSmita KiranaUla Zuhra
So please have yourself at the opening night, we’ll share stories